Fortner, Wolfgang

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Fortner, Wolfgang (b Leipzig, 1907; d Heidelberg, 1987). Ger. composer, conductor, and teacher. Taught theory and comp. at Church Mus. Inst., Heidelberg, 1931–54; prof. of comp. NW Ger. Mus. Acad., Detmold, 1954–7, and at State Mus. Sch., Freiburg im Breisgau 1957–72. Founded Heidelberg Chamber Orch. 1935. Dir. of Musica Viva series in Heidelberg, Freiburg, and Munich. Early music influenced by Hindemith and Stravinsky; he adopted 12-note method in mid-1940s. Comps. incl. 5 operas (among them Bluthochzeit (Blood Wedding), after Lorca) (1957), In seinem Garten liebt Don Perlimplin Belisa, chamber opera after Lorca (1962), and Elisabeth Tudor (1972)); sym. (1947); 4 str. qts.; org. conc.; concs. for pf. (1943), vn. (1947), vc. (1951); Fantasy on the Name BACH, 2 pf., orch. (1950); Movements, pf., orch. (1953); oratorio Isaaks Opferung (1952); ballet Die Weisse Rose (1950; after Wilde's Birthday of the Infanta); Variations, solo vc. (1975); pf. trio (1978); 4th str. qt. (1979); Immagini, sop., str. (1979); Variations, for chamber orch. (1980); Petrarca-Sonette, unacc. ch. (1980); Madrigal for 12 vcs. (1980).