Floyd, John

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Jesuit theologian and controversialist; b. Cambridge-shire, England, 1572; d. Saint-Omer, France, Sept. 15, 1649. Admitted to English College, Reims (1588), he proceeded to Rome, where he entered the English College (1590). He joined the Society of Jesus in 1592. On the mission in England at the time of the Gunpowder Plot (1605) he visited Father Edward Oldcorne in Worcester Gaol and was himself captured and imprisoned. A year later he was exiled but afterward returned to England and underwent several further imprisonments. Floyd spent much of the later part of his life abroad, mostly at the English Jesuit College of Saint-Omer. He enjoyed a great reputation as a theologian and controversialist and wrote many books in defense of the Catholic cause against the English Protestants. He also defended in print, against certain of the English Catholic clergy and against the Sorbonne, the policy of the papacy in temporarily withholding a bishop from the Church in England. He used various pseudonyms: Daniel of Jesus, I. R. Student in Divinity, Fidelis Annosus, and Hermanus Loemelius.

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