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FALAQUERA (also Falaguera, Falaquero, Palquera ), family in Spain; one of the most aristocratic and wealthy families of the Jewish community of *Tudela. The Falaqueras ranked among "the great of the community," i.e., the eight families in whose hands the administration of the community was concentrated, according to the communal regulations of 1305, and whose consent and signatures were required to authorize every such regulation. A certain R. Joseph b. Shem Tov ibn Falaquera was appointed in 1287 head of the dayyanim empowered to try informers. Other members of this family, Joseph b. Judah, Joseph b. Isaac, and Solomon b. Moses, are mentioned as muqaddimūn (leaders) of the community of Tudela at the close of the 13th and early 14th century. Nathan b. Falaquera (also mentioned by the name Naçan del Gabay) held important positions in the financial administration of Navarre at the close of the 14th century. The philosopher and poet Shem Tov b. Joseph ibn *Falaquera was also a member of this family. A branch of the Falaquera family lived in the town of Huesca.


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