Faitusi, Jacob ben Abraham

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FAITUSI, JACOB BEN ABRAHAM (d. 1812), Jerusalem emissary and talmudist. Faitusi was born in *Tunis and immigrated to *Jerusalem around 1800. In 1806 he became an emissary of Jerusalem to *Tripoli, *Tunisia, and *Algeria. He published: Berit Ya'akov (Leghorn, 1800), including the Shitah Mekubbezet of Bezalel *Ashkenazi to tractate Sotah, the Likkutei Ge'onim of various authors on tractates Nedarim and Nazir, and Likkutim on tractate Nazir by Abraham ibn Musa, to which he appended Sha'arei Ẓedek by *Levi b. Gershom on the 13 hermeneutical principles and an original work on the subject entitled Yagel Ya'akov; Mizbaḥ Kapparah (ibid., 1810), containing the Shitah Mekubbeẓet to Menaḥot, Zevaḥim, and Bekhorot, novellae on Ḥullin attributed to *Naḥmanides and Ronu le-Ya'akov, his own commentary on tractates Hullin and Temurah. Appended to the work are homilies in praise of the Land of Israel; Mareh ha-Ofanim (ibid., 1810) including the novellae of *Asher b. Jehiel on Sotah and his own commentary, Yagel Ya'akov, on Pesaḥim, Beẓah, Rosh Ha-Shanah, Avodah Zarah, and Makkot. Faitusi died in Algeria, while on a mission there. His son, Ḥayyim david, published Jacob's Yerekh Ya'akov (ibid., 1842), homilies on the Pentateuch and the Five Scrolls, together with Kokhav mi-Ya'akov, novellae on the Talmud and responsa.


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