Even Yiẓḥak

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EVEN YIẒḤAK (Heb. אֶבֶן יִצְחָק), kibbutz in Israel, in the Manasseh Hills of Samaria, affiliated with Iḥud ha-Kibbutzim, founded on March 11, 1945, by pioneers from Germany, many of whom had been hiding in Holland under Nazi occupation from 1940. They were joined by Jews from other countries. Farming was based on field crops, fruit, and livestock. The kibbutz owned two factories: a plastics plant in partnership with Kibbutz Mishmar ha-Emek, and a biochemical plant. In 2002 the population was 393. The settlement, named after the South African Zionist Isaac Ochberg, is generally known as "Gal Ed" (Monument"), a memorial to the settlers' comrades who perished in the Holocaust.



[Efraim Orni]