Endlich, Quirin°

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ENDLICH, QUIRIN ° (d. 1888), antisemitic journalist in Vienna called the "Judenfresser" ("Jew-eater"), particularly prominent during the revolution of 1848. Endlich first contributed to S. *Ebersberg's Zuschauer, later founding Schild und Schwert ("Shield and Sword"), with a column entitled "Judenkontrolle" which heaped denunciations and obscenities upon the Jews. Taking advantage of the newly proclaimed freedom of the press, Endlich called the Jews "Austria's greatest disaster" and asserted that all their activities were destructive. His book, Der Einfluss der Juden auf unsere Civilisation, was published in 1848. According to Endlich, the Jews had instigated all the unrest of March 1848 in order to achieve their emancipation. To divert public resentment, they stimulated hatred against the real benefactors of the people, i.e., the aristocracy and the army. By building railways the Jews ruined the innkeepers and carters, and their factories ruined the artisans. His style and methods were later adopted by the Austrian *Christian Social Party.


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