Endgame 2001

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Endgame ★★ 2001

Tom (Newman) is a troubled rent boy beholden to sadistic London gangster George Norris (McGann), who uses him in blackmail schemes. Norris is also involved in drug distribution with crooked cop Dunstan (Benfield). When Tom accidentally kills Norris during a fight, he goes to married neighbors Max (Johnson) and Nikki (Barry) for help in escaping Dunston's wrath. Only Nikki has a personal fascination for Tom that comes out when she agrees to hide him. Moody and sometimes brutal. 113m/C VHS, DVD . GB Daniel Newman, Mark McGann, John Benfield, Toni Barry, Corey Johnson; D: Gary Wicks; W: Gary Wicks; C: David Bennett; M: Adrian Thomas.