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ELKABBACH, JEAN-PIERRE (1937– ), French broadcast journalist. Elkabbach was born in Oran, Algeria. He was a leading figure of radio and television journalism in France. From 1970 to 1972 he was a newscaster on the first channel. In 1975 he was chief editor on the state radio network, France Inter, and he became director of the news division in 1976. During the years 1977 to 1981 he was head of the news department of the second channel of French television. Since the position at that time was based on a political appointment, he was replaced when the Socialist government came to power in 1981. He became an editor and newscaster on the main daily news report on Europe No. 1 radio station. In 1993 he reached the peak of his career when he was appointed chairman of France Television, the French public broadcasting company. His methods of dealing with the strong competition from private networks were somewhat controversial, and he was forced to resign in 1996. He wrote about his experiences and the role of public broadcasting in France in 29 mois et quelques jours (1997).

From December 1999, Elkabbach, a dynamic reporter noted for his aggressive broadcasting style, was chairman of Public Senat, the parliamentary channel of the French Senate.

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