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DUBISLAV, WALTER ERNST OTTO (1895–1937), German philosopher. Born in Berlin, he studied mathematics with Hilbert at Goettingen, served on the Russian front in World War i, and took his degree in philosophy at Berlin after the war. He became professor at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin in 1931, and fled in 1936 to Prague. Dubislav was a logical positivist and conventionalist, influenced by Aristotle, Bolzano, and Frege. He was critical of Kant and a supporter of Fries, and was, with Reichenbach, a leader of the "Gesellschaft fuer empirische Philosophie." Dubislav participated in Dassystematische Woerterbuch der Philosophie (1923) and wrote Ueber die Definition (1925, 19313), Die Friessche Lehre von der Begruendung (1926), Die Philosophie der Mathematik in der Gegenwart (1932), and Naturphilosophie (1933).


ndb, 4 (1959), 145.

[Richard H. Popkin]

Dubislav, Walter Ernst Otto

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