Deodatus of Blois, St.

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Hermit or abbot in Blois; lived in the sixth or seventh century. The three lives from the late ninth century are completely legendary. One account describes him as born and educated at Bordeaux; with the priest Baudemire he entered the monastery at nearby Iccio under St. Phaletro. Envious of Abbot Phaletro's praise of his virtue, the monks made life so miserable for Deodatus that he sought and received permission to retire to a life of solitude in Bordeaux. King clovis reputedly visited him to seek support for his expedition against the Goths. Convinced that Deodatus's prayers had been a great help in his victory, Clovis reported back to him, gave him gifts for the poor, and presented himself to St. remigius for baptism. Eventually about 40 men joined Deodatus, and subsequently he established the monastery of St.-Dyé-sur-Loire on land given him by Clovis. A church erected in his honor was burned during a local skirmish but was restored by Abbot Aurelius and Charles the Bald.

Feast: April 24.

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