Demetrius Chomatianus

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Archbishop and Greek canonist of the 13th century. He possessed the See of Ochrida from 1217 to 1234. He is noted for his letter to (St.) Sabas, Archbishop of Serbia, which dealt with the jurisdictions of the Churches of Ochrida and Ipek (a.d. 1220); the coronation of the despot Theodore Ducas (a.d. 1223); and his correspondence with the patriarch of Nicaea German II, in relation to the consecration of the bishop of Serbia, which Demetrius did not consider canonical. These exchanges of letters are important for the history of Byzantine Canon Law of that epoch. His works were printed by Cardinal Pitra in Analecta sacra et classica Spicilegio Solesmensi Parata (Paris 1891), volume eight.

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