Davydov (Davidhof), Karl Yulyevich

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DAVYDOV (Davidhof), KARL YULYEVICH (1838–1889), Russian cellist, composer, and teacher. Davydov, who was born in Goldingen, Courland, took a degree in mathematics at Moscow University in 1858, and then decided to pursue a musical career. In 1859, he became a professor at the Leipzig Conservatory and solo cellist at the Gewandhaus concerts. In 1862 Davydov returned to Russia as professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and joined the quartet of the Russian Music Society, with Leopold *Auer as his partner in recitals. He eventually succeeded Anton *Rubinstein as conductor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory orchestra and traveled extensively on concert tours abroad. Davydov's best known compositions are his cello works, which belong to the German romantic school. His main achievement was the establishment of the first cello school in Russia. The methods and advice given in his manual for cello students remain valid.


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