Davydov, Joseph 1932–

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Davydov, Joseph 1932–

(Isay Davydov, Isay Shoulovich Davydov)


Born March 4, 1932, in USSR (now Russia); naturalized U.S. citizen; son of Shoul and Shimho Davydov; married; wife's name Nina; children: Ilona, Hanna, Alex, Leo, Andrew, Elizabeth, Daniel. Education: Moscow Energy Institute, Ph.D., 1967; University of Marxism-Leninism, degree in scientific atheism, 1977. Religion: "Scientific."


Home—Palm Coast, FL.


State University, Nolchik, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (now Russia), professor, 1967-80; Department of Transportation, New York, NY, engineer, 1990-99; International Scientific Center, New York, NY, president, 1997—.


New York Academy of Sciences.


(Under name Isay Shoulovich Davydov) Sotvorenie i evolyutsi (title means "Creation and Evolution"), International Scientific Center (New York, NY), 1997, translation (under name Joseph Davydov) published as God Exists: New Light on Science and Creation, Schreiber Publications (Washington, DC), 2000.

(Under name Isay Shoulovich Davydov) Poznanie istiny (title means "Recognize Truth"), International Scientific Center (New York, NY), 2004.

(Under name Isay Shoulovich Davydov) Zaprogrammirovannoe razvitie vsego mira (title means "Nomogenesis; or, Evolution Determined by Program"), International Scientific Center (New York, NY), 2005.

(Under name Isay Davydov) Bytie (title means "Entity"), International Scientific Center (Palm Coast, FL), 2005.

Contributor of about forty articles to Russian journals.