Daniel ben Samuel ibn Abī Rabīʿ)

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DANIEL BEN SAMUEL IBN ABĪ RABĪ ʿ (Ha-Kohen (13th century)), Babylonian gaon. He was appointed in 1247 in succession to R. Isaac b. Israel (Abu al-Fath or Isḥaq ibn al-Shuwayk), by Abd al-Raḥman ibn al-Lamkhani, the Baghdad qadi. There was opposition to Daniel, especially by R. Eli b. Zechariah, who succeeded in persuading the vizier that the office of gaon was rightfully his and who was, in fact, appointed gaon in Daniel's place in 1250. *Eleazar b. Jacob ha-Bavli, the poet, praises Daniel in one of his poems. His son *Samuel also became gaon.


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Daniel ben Samuel ibn Abī Rabīʿ)

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