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DANIEL BEN JEHIEL OF ROME (d. before 1101), rabbinical scholar, elder brother of *Nathan b. Jehiel. On the death of their father, in approximately 1070, he and Nathan became heads of the Rome yeshivah. Daniel wrote responsa, and many of the explanations of words in his brother's lexicon Arukh are quoted in his name. He also compiled a commentary on the Mishnah order of Zera'im. Zunz ascribes to him the authorship of the piyyut for the Sabbath of Ḥanukkah, beginning Ahallel El be-Minnim ve-Ugav, a poetical version of the Scroll of Antiochus.


Rapoport, in: Bikkurei ha-Ittim, 10 (1829), 7, 19–20; Zunz, Lit Poesie, 163–4.

Daniel ben Jehiel of Rome

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