Celestine IV, Pope

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Pontificate: Oct. 25, 1241 to Nov. 10, 1241; b. Goffredo Castiglioni. A Milanese, he was the nephew of urban iii. For a time archpriest and chancellor of Milan, he entered the cistercians of hautecombe in 1187. In 1227 he became cardinal priest of S. Marco; in 1239, cardinal bishop of Sabina. When gregory ix died (August 1241), the Roman Senator Matteo Rosso orsini, in order to forestall frederick ii's influence and secure a quick papal election, at once enclosed in the Septizonium, a run-down palace, the ten cardinals then in Rome, including, however, John colonna, Frederick's ally. On Oct. 25, 1241, this divided "first conclave" finally elected Colonna's candidate, the aged, infirm Goffredo, as Celestine IV. He died within the month, possibly before he was crowned.

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