Celestine II, Pope

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Pontificate: Sept. 26, 1143 to Mar. 8, 1144; b. Guido de Castellis, presumably at Macerata in the March of Ancona. An admirer and former student of abelard and a learned scholar himself, he was also a friend of peter the venerable of Cluny. Under callistus ii, he was brought to Rome, and he was named cardinal deacon in 1127 and cardinal priest in 1134. As legate and vigorous supporter of innocent ii during the schism with Anacletus (see pierleoni), he was present with bernard of clairvaux in his championship of the pope's claims before roger of sicily. His election without controversy two days after the death of Innocent II was widely acclaimed. Celestine, already an old man, was destined to govern the Church only six months. As cardinal he had opposed Innocent's concessions to Roger of Sicily made in the Treaty of Mignano (1139), but was apparently seeking new negotiations at the time of his death. Following louis vii's abandonment of opposition to the incumbency of Pierre de la Châtre in the See of Bourges, he removed the interdict placed by his predecessor on certain French lands because of Louis VII's attempt to depose the archbishop of Bourges.

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