Cedd (Cedda), St.

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Northumbrian monk, missionary bishop; d. Oct. 26,664. He was the brother of St. chad and a disciple of aidan of lindisfarne. He was sent from Northumbria to assist King Peada of Mercia in the evangelization of his kingdom (653). He was then sent to help the recently converted King Sigebert of Essex to Christianize his people and was consecrated bishop of the East Saxons (654) by finan of lindisfarne. He founded two monasteries among the East Saxons, one at Bradwell-on-Sea, where a contemporary church still survives, and the other at Tilbury. He also founded a monastery at Lastingham, Yorkshire (658). bede describes the elaborate ritual, the fasting and prayers that Cedd and Chad used in consecrating this site. In 664 Cedd attended the Council of Whitby to act as interpreter for the Irish party, though he accepted the council's "Roman" decision. Shortly afterward he died of plague and was buried in the churchyard at Lastingham; his remains were later translated to the stone church there. Bede is the main authority for his life.

Feasts: Oct. 26, March 2 (English Benedictines), Jan. 7 (translation).

Bibliography: bede, Ecclesiastical History 3.2126; 4.3.

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