Caimis, Moisis

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CAIMIS, MOISIS (1864–1929), Greek journalist and editor. Born in Corfu, Caimis was one of the first Jewish journalists in Greece to write in the Greek language. He wrote about the social and humanistic significance of Judaism, and the ties that existed between Judaism and Hellenism. As president of the Jewish community in Corfu, he was responsible for the founding of several philanthropic institutions. He taught Greek in Corfu for 16 years and Italian in Athens for 15 years. He championed the modern Greek language and wrote in its defense. In Corfu, he edited the Israilitis Chronographos from 1899 to 1901 and in Athens the Israilitikgi Epitheorisis (Israelite Review) from 1912 to 1916, the first periodical on Jewish life written in Greek. He tried to fight against antisemitism in the Athenian Greek press in the beginning of the 20th century, but had little practical influence on newspaper editors. As an early Zionist, in 1897 he founded the Zionist organization Mevasser Zion in Corfu. In 1913, he helped reorganize the Zionist movement in Athens and was one of its leading members.


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