Bula, Raphael Moses

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BULA, RAPHAEL MOSES (d. 1773), scholar and emissary of the Jerusalem community. During his stay in Constantinople (1752) while on a mission to Turkey, Bula published his homiletical collection, Ḥayyei Olam. In 1758 he was one of the scholars at the Neveh Shalom yeshivah in Jerusalem. He wrote Get Mekushar (Constantinople, 1767) on divorce, and Zekhut Moshe (Salonika, 1818) on ownership rights. Bula is one of the signatories of the letter (1770) authorizing Yom Tov *Algazi and Jacob Ḥazzan to collect funds on behalf of the Jerusalem community. Bula's son solomon (1734–86), a Jerusalem-born rabbi and halakhic authority, left Jerusalem after his father's death and went to Salonika, where he became one of the most renowned scholars. Solomon's work Leḥem Shelomo (Salonika, 1795) deals with possession, property rights, and divorce law. His responsa were never published.


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