Buckland, Abbey of

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Former cistercian abbey on the river Tavy, Devon, England, Diocese of Exeter. Buckland, or Locus s. Benedicti de Bochland (Boclan, Buglanda ), was founded by Amicia, Countess of Devon, in 1278 with monks from quarr, Isle of Wight. Because Walter Bronescombe, Bishop of exeter, had not been consulted about the foundation, he placed it under interdict, releasing it only on the intervention of Queen Eleanor, May 27, 1280. The abbey had two mills, one for corn, the other for fulling, but it was never rich. During the 14th century the abbots were appointed collectors of the tenth and were asked to assist the supervisors of the king's mines in the providing of fuel for smelting and to collaborate in the defense of the coast near Dartmouth. This did not free them from subsidies demanded for the marriage of Edward III's sister Eleanor to Reginald, Count of Gueldres, and for the war against France. Buckland's history was uneventful except for the quarrel between Thomas Oliver and William

Breton for the abbacy, a struggle that dragged out for seven years (146773). At the dissolution John Toker, the abbot, was given a pension of £60, and 12 monks, sums of £5 or £3 according to their status.

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Buckland, Abbey of

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