Buckell, Tobias S. 1979-

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Buckell, Tobias S. 1979-


Born 1979, in Grenada; married; wife's name Emily. Education: Bluffton University, bachelor's degree, 1996.


Agent—c/o Author Mail, Tor Books, 175 5th Ave., New York, NY 10010. E-mail—[email protected].


Writer. Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH, Technology Center, manager, 1996-2006. Founder of SF Novelists Web site.


Writers of the Future Scholarship, 2002.


Crystal Rain (novel), Tor Books/Tom Doherty Associates (New York, NY), 2006

Contributor of short stories to magazines, anthologies, and web sites.


Tobias S. Buckell has mingled Caribbean and Aztec culture with science fiction in his first novel, Crystal Rain. Buckell, who grew up living on boats in various Caribbean locales, has set his novel on a peninsula called Nanagada, which has a culture resembling that of many Caribbean nations. But the peninsula's inhabitants are descended from people who came from another planet through a wormhole in space hundreds of years earlier. The book's action finds the largely peaceful Nanagadans under threat from the invading Aztecas, practitioners of human sacrifice who live on the other side of a mountain range and are ruled by an alien race. John deBrun, who can remember nothing of his life before he arrived on Nanagada as a shipwrecked castaway nearly thirty years before, must retrieve his memories in order to help the Nanagadans defend themselves.

Crystal Rain won praise from several critics for its unusual setting and for Buckell's storytelling abilities. The novel, commented Regina Schroeder in Booklist, portrays "a vividly imagined world," and its plot "unfolds at a breakneck pace." Jackie Cassada, writing in the Library Journal, described the story as "an original tale with distinctive characters and a fresh approach to worldbuilding." A Publishers Weekly reviewer thought that "Buckell handles his interlocking narratives well and his characters retain their humanity." T.M. Wagner, a contributor to the Web site SF Reviews.net, found some flaws in the novel but added: "What Buckell does right … he does breathtakingly right. Most effective is the evocation of place." Wagner also noted that the book has "wellrounded and involving characters" and "an efficient pace." Natalie Luhrs, in a review for Romantic Times, deemed Buckell's writing "simply superb" and summed up Crystal Rain as a "stellar debut novel."



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