Bruno of Segni, St.

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Bishop, abbot; b. Solero, c. 1040 or 1050; d. Segni, Italy, July 18, 1123. Bruno was canon of Siena c. 103779. His friendship with the reforming Pope grego ry vii, who appointed him bishop of Segni in 1079, resulted in his imprisonment by Emperor Henry IV in 1082. He was librarian of the Roman Church under Pope Victor III and later counselor to Pope urban ii, whom he often accompanied on his journeys, notably to the Council of Clermont-Ferrand, and by whom he was entrusted with various missions. He was also a confidant of Urban's successor, paschal ii. In 1103 he became a monk at monte cassino and was elected abbot, in November of 1107. He publicly condemned the Concordat of Sutri, signed between Paschal II and Henry V of Germany. The pope was displeased with his action and obliged him to return to Segni, where he died. He was canonized at Segni by lu cius iii. His scriptural commentaries mark him as an eminent representative of medieval exegesis and monastic theology.

Feast: July 18.

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