Brunner, Adolf

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Brunner, Adolf

Brunner, Adolf, Swiss composer; b. Zürich, June 25, 1901; d. Thalwil, Feb. 15, 1992. He studied with his uncle, the composer Hans Lavater, and then in Berlin with Jarnach and at the Hochschule für Musik with Schreker and Gmeindl (1921–25), where he received training in composition and conducting. He completed his studies in Paris and Italy. From 1949 to 1960 he was director of the dept. of politics and current affairs of Radio Zürich. In 1955 he founded the Swiss Soc. for Protestant Church Music. He publ. Wesen, Funktion und Ort der Musik im Gottesdienst (Zürich, 1956; 2nd ed., rev. and enl., 1968). Brunner was especially known for his attempts to renew Protestant church music via his many sacred works.


orch.: Sym. Orch. Piece and Suite (1924–25); Concertante Music (1928–59); Partita for Piano and Orch. (1938–39); Concerto grosso for Strings and Timpani (1943–44); Concerto for Large Orch. (1955–56). chamber: String Trio (1928); Flute Sonata (1933–34); Violin Sonata (1948); String Quartet (1961–62). keyboard: Piano Pieces, including a Sonata (1933); organ music. vocal: Mass for 4 Voices (1933); Das Gleichnis von den 10 Jungfrauen for Chorus and Orch. (1938–39); Jesus und die Ehebrecherin for Chorus and Orch. (1939); Jesus und die Samariterin am Brunnen for 3 Voices, Flute, 5 Strings, and Orch. (1939); Das Gespräch Jesu mit Nikodemus for 2 Voices, Oboe, Strings, and Organ (1947); Das Weihnachtsevan-gelium for Chorus and Strings (1963); St. Mark Passion for 4 Solo Voices, Chorus, Organ, and Orch. (1970–71).


B. Billeter, A. B.(Zurich, 1972).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire