Bokros-Birman, Dezsö

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BOKROS-BIRMAN, DEZSÖ (Desiderius ; 1889–1965), Hungarian sculptor and graphic artist. Bokros-Birman was noted for his realistic portraiture and his ability to portray character. He was born in Ujpest and studied in Budapest and Paris. He exhibited first with the kÉve (Association of Hungarian Creative and Industrial Artists) in 1918. Later he moved to Berlin, where he produced a series of lithographs entitled Job (1922). Bokros-Birman then returned to Budapest. During World War ii he was a member of the anti-Fascist independence movement and later executed a relief entitled Independent Hungary.

Some of Bokros-Birman's better known works are The 20-Year-Old Ady, Ujvári Péter, and The Iron-worker.


The Statues of D. Bokros-Birman (1928), introd. by F. Karinthy; Bokros-Birman (Hung., 1949), introd. by E. Mihályi.

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