Bleek, Friedrich°

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BLEEK, FRIEDRICH° (1793–1859), German Bible critic; professor of theology at Bonn from 1829 to 1859. Bleek maintained that the basic document of the Pentateuch is the Elohist (the E document) which has been supplemented by sections from an unconnected Yahwist strand. He argued for the unity of Daniel, and he wrote on the composition of Isaiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, and the Sibylline Oracles. His most important work was in the area of New Testament exegesis, where he was primarily interested in the defense of Christian tradition against the criticism of the Tuebingen school.

Two of his important works are Einleitung in das Alte Testament (1860, 18784), and Einleitung in das Neue Testament (18662).


Kamphausen, in: adb, 2 (1875), 701–2.

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