Bickels-Spitzer, Zvi

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BICKELS-SPITZER, ZVI (1887–1917), Yiddish dramatist and literary critic. Born in Lemberg (now Lvov), after finishing school, he studied law there and in Vienna and became a practicing attorney. He sympathized with Zionist ideas but was also an active supporter of and participant in the young Yiddish literary movement in Galicia. In 1910, he co-edited the first modern Yiddish literary collection of the Galician region, Yung-Galitsisher Almanakh and in the period 1915–17 edited Tagblat (Lemberg). He also wrote dramas, most notably Der Goyel ("The Savior"). His selected writings were posthumously published in Hebrew translation, edited by Dov Sadan (1948).


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