Bernstein, Issachar Berush ben Aryeh Loeb

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BERNSTEIN, ISSACHAR BERUSH BEN ARYEH LOEB (1747–1802), German rabbi and author. Bernstein studied under his father, the son of Jacob Joshua *Falk, and Ẓevi Hirsch Levin of Berlin. In 1788 he succeeded his father as rabbi of Hanover. Legend attributes Bernstein's untimely death to his having insulted the son of Jonathan *Eybeschuetz, R. Wolf Eybeschuetz, who, as a young man, had held heretical views but had subsequently recanted. Several of Bernstein's novellae were included in his father's Penei Aryeh on Bava Kamma (printed with Jacob Joshua Falk's Penei Yehoshu'a; Fuerth, 1780, together with Bernstein's rejoinders to critical comments made by R. Judah Leib Friedenburg on this work). His Hadrat Ḥakhamim, discourses delivered on the conclusion of the study of talmudic tractates, is still in manuscript. Of his sons, the best known is samuel (d. 1839) who succeeded his father-in-law, Jacob Moses b. Saul, as rabbi in Amsterdam, becoming the fifth member of the family to hold this position. Samuel wrote an approbation to the Arẓot he-Ḥayyim of Malbim (1836), and corresponded with Moses *Sofer on halakhic matters. Samuel's son berush was a dayyan in Amsterdam and later rabbi in The Hague.


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[Itzhak Alfassi]

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Bernstein, Issachar Berush ben Aryeh Loeb

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