Bernardes, Manoel

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Oratorian writer and scholar; b. Lisbon, Aug. 20, 1644; d. there, Aug. 17, 1710. After studying canon law and philosophy at the University of Coimbra, he entered the Oratorians at Lisbon and dedicated himself to a life of study and preaching. He is remembered principally for his numerous writings, which rank among the classics of Portuguese literature, and as a foremost representative of Oratorian mysticism. Written with a simplicity of language, an elegance of style, and a vivid imagination, his spiritual treatises reveal a breadth of knowledge and deep religious inspiration. Among his works are Exercicios espirituaes e meditaçôes (2 v. Lisbon 1686); Luz e calor (Lisbon 1696); Nova floresta (5 v. 170628); and Os últimos fins do homem (Lisbon 1728).

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