Benaroya, Avram

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BENAROYA, AVRAM (1888–1955), journalist and first teacher of stenography in Turkey. Born in Edirne, Benaroya studied in the Ecole Normale Israélite in Paris. His first teaching position was in Hasköy, Istanbul, and then in Damascus. From 1911 he taught French and stenography at the Turkish Lycée Galatasaray and the High School of Commerce. His stenography method was adopted by the Ministry of Education. In 1925 the Ministry of Commerce decided to introduce stenography in the commercial schools and Benaroya was responsible for the curriculum. In 1928 Benaroya started working as a stenography teacher in the Turkish Parliament. His journalistic career began in Le Jeune Turc. Later he wrote in Ikdam, Stamboul, La République, and Le Journal d'Orient. In 1948 he started publishing L'Etoile du Levant, a weekly newspaper in French which appeared until shortly after his death. His books include: Basit ve Vatani Kıraat: Lectures Patriotiques Faciles (1916), Türkçe Lisanına Mahsûs Stenografya Usûlü, Istanbul (1918), Türkçe'ye Mahsûs Stenografya Usûlü (1929), Istenografi Esas Kuralları ve Kısaltmalar Ders 12 (1943), İstenografi: Esas Kurallar ve Kısaltmalar (12 ders) (1944), Istenografi Dersleri (1947).


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