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BÉDARRIDES , village in the department of Vaucluse, near Avignon, S. France. The small Jewish community established in Bédarrides in the Middle Ages was expelled by the vice legate of Avignon in 1694. One of the prominent Jewish families of southern France originated in Bédarrides. Its members include: gad ben judah of bÉdarrides, who composed a hymn for a local Purim established at *Cavaillon to commemorate escape from rioters in 1713; jassuda bÉdarride (1804–1882), jurist, who became mayor of Aix-en-Provence after the 1848 revolution; israÉl (isaiah) *bÉdarride; and gustave emanuel bÉdarrides (1817–1899), magistrate, the first French Jew to be appointed public prosecutor (procureur général) at Bastia, in Corsica (1862), and vice president of the Central Consistory from 1872. A branch of the family which established itself in Italy assumed the name-form *Bedarida.


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[Cecil Roth]