Bedazzled 2000

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Bedazzled ★★½ 2000 (PG-13)

Mortals have been falling for this scam for centuries: seven wishes in exchange for your eternal soul. Once again the Devil finds a taker. Fraser plays Elliot, a nice but hopeless geek who will do anything to improve his lowly stature in life and nab the girl of his dreams (O'Connor). The Devil's (Hurley) misinterpretations of his requests result in Elliot becoming, among other things, a drug lord, an NBA star, and a much too sensitive bore. Will Elliot find a way out of his hellish obligation? Is there a lesson to be learned from his experiences? You probably know the answers. Ramis occasionally misfires, but the hits outnumber the misses. An updated remake of the Dudley Moore/Peter Cook film. 105m/C VHS, DVD . Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O'Connor, Rudolf Martin, Orlando Jones, Gabriel Casseus, Miriam Shor, Brian DoyleMurray; D: Harold Ramis; W: Harold Ramis, Larry Gelbart, Peter Tolan; C: Bill Pope.