Bedazzled 1968

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Bedazzled ★★★ 1968 (PG)

Shortorder cook Stanley Moon (Moore) is saved from suicide by the devil, here known as George Spiggot (Cook), who makes Stanley an offer: seven wishes in exchange for his soul. What Stanley wants is waitress Margaret (Bron) but each of Stanley's wishes is granted with surprising consequences. Cult comedy is a sometimes uneven, but thoroughly entertaining and funny retelling of the Faustian story. 107m/ C VHS, DVD . GB Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Eleanor Bron, Michael Bates, Raquel Welch, Bernard Spear, Parnell McGarry, Howard Goorney, Daniele Noel, Barry Humphries, Lockwood West, Robert Russell, Michael Trubshawe, Robin Hawdon, Evelyn Moore, Charles LloydPack; D: Stanley Donen; W: Dudley Moore, Peter Cook; C: Austin Dempster; M: Dudley Moore.