Bartholomew of San Concordio (of Pisa)

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Dominican theologian; b. San Concordio near Pisa, 1262; d. June 11, 1347, Pisa, Italy. One of the most erudite men of his time, a great preacher and writer, he lectured at Lucca, Florence, and Pisa. Of his major works, De documentis antiquorum is a collection of opinions by classical and ecclesiastical authors; his own translation, Ammaestramenti degli antichi, is a Tuscan classic. His Summa de Casibus Conscientiae was very widely used during the 14th and 15th centuries. Besides a compendium of moral theology and a series of Lenten sermons, he also wrote treatises on the virtues and vices, on Latin pronunciation and orthography, and on the tragedies of Virgil and Seneca.

Bibliography: a. stefanucci ala, Sulla vita e sulle opere di frate Bartolomeo da San Concordio (Rome 1838). p. mandonnet, Dictionnaire de théologie catholique (Paris 19031950) 2:435436.

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Bartholomew of San Concordio (of Pisa)

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