Bamberger, Heinrich von

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BAMBERGER, HEINRICH VON (1822–1888), Austrian physician and teacher. Bamberger was born in Prague and studied medicine there. In 1854 he was appointed special professor of pathology at Wuerzburg University, where he remained until 1872, when he became professor at the University of Vienna. Bamberger became famous for his brilliant lectures and for his diagnostic techniques. He is especially known for his textbook on cardiac diseases and for his diagnoses of symptoms of cardiac diseases. His name was given to Bamberger's disease, Bamberger's bulbar pulse, and Bamberger's sign for pericardial effusion. He advocated the use of albuminous mercuric solution in the therapy of syphilis and reported albuminuria during the latter period of severe anemia. He also described muscular atrophy and hypertrophy. During the last two years of his life Bamberger was president of the Vienna Medical Association.


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