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AYANOT (Heb. עֲיָנוֹת; "springs"), agricultural school in central Israel, near Nes Ẓiyyonah. Founded in 1930 by *wizo as an agricultural training farm, Ayanot initially absorbed immigrant girls only, but later also accepted Israeli-born girls. In 1947 Ayanot became a coeducational school. Vocational training and secondary school education included the Ministry of Education curriculum. Subsequently Ayanot operated as an agricultural boarding school. Students were new immigrants who came to Israel on their own from Brazil and the former Soviet Union. Intensive farming included a computerized dairy. In the mid-1990s there were approximately 340 inhabitants in Ayanot, increasing to 399 in 2002.

[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]