Aydan, David

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AYDAN, DAVID (1873–1954), Tunisian rabbi and printer. Aydan was born in Djerba and was a founder of the Zionist movement Ateret Zion (1919). He acquired a printing press in Tunis, and in 1912 founded the first Hebrew printing press at Djerba, to which he gave the name Defus Ziyyoni (Zion Press). The first work which came off this press was Me'il Ya'akov by R. Jacob ha-Kohen. He opened two more presses in Djerba, publishing more than 1,000 works by rabbis from Djerba, Tunis, and the rest of North Africa. One of these presses was still functioning in the late 1960s.


S. and Ḥ. Aydan, Mazkeret Neẓaḥ (1956).

[Robert Attal]