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AVIA (fourth century), Babylonian amora. Avia studied in Pumbedita under R. *Joseph b. Ḥiyya (Ber. 28b). He appears to have been a colleague as well as a disciple for R. Joseph addressed a problem to him (Shab. 63a). He married the sister of Rami b. Ḥama (Ket. 56b–57a) and was a colleague of Rabbah b. Rav Hanan (Kid. 39a). Avia once visited *Rava who wished to trap him with difficult halakhic problems, but Avia avoided the pitfalls, whereupon R. *Naḥman b. Isaac remarked, "Blessed be the All-merciful that Rava did not put Avia to shame" (Shab. 46a–b). Avia settled in Ereẓ Israel and studied under R. *Ammi in Caesarea, later transmitting his teachings (Ḥul. 50a). Avia's teachings in halakhah are recorded in many passages in the Talmud (e.g., Shab. 23a; bk 35a). The amoraim, R. Adda, R. Aḥa, and R. Hilkiah, were apparently his sons.


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[Zvi Kaplan]