Avi-Shaul (Mandel), Mordekhai

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AVI-SHAUL (Mandel ), MORDEKHAI (1898–1988), writer and translator. Avi-Shaul, who was born in Szolnok, Hungary, studied at yeshivot and at the Budapest rabbinical seminaries. He went to Palestine in 1921 and was a teacher until 1948. He was active in Berit Shalom and pro-Communist organizations. Avi-Shaul's writings include Ha-Maḥarozet and Bein Iyyim (plays, 1928); Ba-Azikin (poems, 1932); Yugurnat (poems, 1945); Ha-Melekh Karakash u-She'ar Ḥullin (stories, 1965); Kevarim Li (a novel about the Holocaust, 1968); and various articles on current affairs. He also wrote pacifist literature, Baladah al Shalom being one such work. He edited the literary and social science anthology Temurot (1951–52), and translated the works of Thomas Mann, Goethe, Feuchtwanger (Jew Suess, which he also dramatized), Stefan Zweig, Bertolt Brecht, Jaroslav Hašek, Joseph Conrad, and others.

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