Avdimi (Avdimai, Avdima, Avudama, Dimi) of Haifa

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AVDIMI (Avdimai, Avdima, Avudama, Dimi) OF HAIFA

AVDIMI (Avdimai, Avdima, Avudama, Dimi) OF HAIFA (c. 400 c.e.), Palestinian amora. His teachers were *Levi b. Sisi and Resh Lakish (see *Simeon b. Lakish; tj, Ber. 2, 4, 4d; tj, Kil. 4, 4, 29b). He apparently possessed compilations of beraitot since he refers to "my Mishnah" (i.e., a collection of Mishnayot not included in that of Judah ha-Nasi; Tanḥ., Ẓav, 12; et al.). Several of his aggadic remarks have mystical content (Yal. Ps. 751; et al.). Avdimi is the author of a statement dealing with the proper respect to be shown to a nasi, an av bet din, and an ordinary scholar respectively (Kid. 33b). His sayings include: "From the day the Temple was destroyed prophecy was taken from the prophets and given to the wise" (bb 12a), and "Before a man eats and drinks he has two hearts [i.e., he is at odds with himself], but after he has eaten and drunk he has only one" (ibid., 12b). According to tradition, Avdimi was buried in Haifa, where his grave is venerated to this day.


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[Yitzhak Dov Gilat]