Arundi, Isaac

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ARUNDI, ISAAC (Ibn ; 14th century), philosophical writer, probably from Ronda (Lat. Arundi; Andalusia). He apparently lived in Italy and perhaps Provence. Arundi, who knew Arabic, wrote a commentary on Job, in which he frequently quotes Aristotle and his commentators Themistius and Averroes and in which he disputes the views of his contemporary Levi b. Gershom. A defective manuscript of the commentary is in Cambridge (S.M. Schiller-Szinessy, Catalogue…, vol. 1, no. 67) and there are copies at Paris and Oxford (Neubauer, Cat. 2279.4). Arundi also mentions a work entitled Milḥamot Adonai, which was directed against Levi ben Gershom's work bearing the same name.