Apollinaris of Monte Cassino, St.

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Benedictine abbot; d. Nov. 27, 828. Having been given as an oblate to Monte Cassino by his parents when he was still very young, he was ordained deacon and priest under Abbot Gisulfus, whom he succeeded (817828). During his reign, the monastery received many endowments. He was famous for the sanctity of his life, and he is said to have crossed the Liri River dryshod. His remains were interred first near the church of St. John and were transferred by Abbot Desiderius (victor iii) to the same church and honored with an epitaph in verse. In 1592 the relics of Apollinaris were placed under an altar in the chapel dedicated to him, decorated with paintings by Luca Giordano. The relics survived the destruction of World War II and were replaced in the same chapel after its restoration.

Feast: Nov. 27.

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