Anokhi, Zalman Yiẓḥak

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ANOKHI, ZALMAN YIẒḤAK (pseudonym of Z.I. Aronsohn ; 1878–1947), Hebrew writer. Anokhi was born in Lyady, Russia. His first story, "Ha-Yenukah," written in Hebrew, was published in Ha-Shilo'aḥ (12 (1903), 52–64). He soon began to write in Yiddish and published two collections of stories, Tsvishen Himel un Erd ("Between Heaven and Earth," 1909) and Reb Elkhonon (1910). His Reb Abbe (1911), the monologue of an aging, naive, and pious Ḥasid, won wide acclaim. In 1911 Anokhi visited Palestine and recorded his impressions in Unzer Land ("Our Country," 1919). After a brief stay in Argentina (1923) he settled in 1924 in Palestine and reverted to writing in Hebrew. He translated Reb Abbe into Hebrew (1927) and published two dramas. His collected stories, Bein Shamayim va-Areẓ ("Between Heaven and Earth," 1945), appeared shortly before his death in Tel Aviv. Nearly all of his stories are sentimental, romantic vignettes of Jewish life in Eastern Europe.


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