Angelus de Scarpetis, Bl.

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Augustinian; b. Borgo San Sepolcro, Umbria, Italy, date unknown; d. there, 1306. Angelus's surname has, in the past, been taken more often from his town (Angelus of Borgo San Sepolcro) or region (Angelus of Hetruria) than from his noble family. He became a hermit of St. Augustine c. 1254. The virtues for which he was most noted were humility, a childlike innocence, the spirit of poverty, and apostolic zeal. He supposedly went to England and established a number of houses of his order there; but the source for this tradition cannot be ascertained. He reputedly worked miracles even during his lifetime. His cult was confirmed July 27, 1921.

Feast: Feb. 15 or Oct. 1.

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