Andrieu, Michel

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Liturgist; b. Millau, May 28, 1886; d. Strasbourg, Oct. 2, 1956. He took his theology as an Oratorian in Fribourg from 1907 until ordination, July 18, 1910. Studies in Christian archeology in Rome and literature in Paris fitted him for his more than 30year career of liturgical scholarship. L. Duchesne, his first master, opened to him the virginal field of the Ordinals. Invited to the faculty of Catholic theology at Strasbourg in 1918, he remained there until his forced retirement in 1956, his 70th year. At the University while patiently pursuing research in the manuscript traditions of the Ordinals, he poured into the faculty review (Revue des sciences religieuses ) the stream of his monumental essays on Roman liturgy, byproducts of his main investigation. He brought to his work an exacting scientific method and an awareness that the liturgy of the past, once restored critically, would be a vital source of theology. He also feared that the fastgrowing liturgical movement would bypass the heritage of the past centuries. His method, spirit, and fears were contagiously transmitted, personally to his associates, and by his writings to his careful readers. His two great works, Ordines Romani, 5 v. (Louvain 193161) and Pontifical Romain, 5 v. (Vatican City 193863), map out the course taken by the Roman liturgy in its growth from the 6th to the 15th century.

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