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ALMON-DIBLATHAIM (Heb. עַלְמוֹן דִבְלָתַיִם), city in the northern Moabite plain (the Mishor) between Dibon-Gad and the mountains of Abarim (Num. 33:46–47), along the route followed by the Israelites on their way to the plains of Moab (Arvot Mo'av). Khirbet Deleilat esh-Sherqiyeh, a site containing Iron Age i–ii pottery, located about 10½ mi. (17 km.) north-northeast of Dibon (Dhiban), has been suggested for its identification. It is probably identical with Beth-Diblathaim, a Moabite city which is mentioned in the Mesha inscription between Madaba and Beth-Baal-Meon and in the prophecy of Jeremiah after Dibon and Nebo and before Kiriathaim (Jer. 48:22).


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[Yohanan Aharoni]