Albaz, Moses ben Maimon

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ALBAZ, MOSES BEN MAIMON (16th century), Moroccan kabbalist. Albaz, who lived in Tarrodant, was the author of Heikhal Kodesh, which he began writing in 1575. It is an interpretation of the prayers in the kabbalistic idiom, based mainly on the Zohar and Menahem *Recanati's works. The manuscript was owned by R. Jacob *Sasportas, who published it with the annotations of R. Aaron ha-Sab'uni of Salé (1653). His work Sod Kaf-Bet Otiyyot is preserved in the copy by R. Joseph b. Solomon ibn Mussa (London, Jews' College, Montefiore Ms. 335).


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Albaz, Moses ben Maimon

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