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AHLAB (Heb. אַחְלָב), Canaanite city allotted to the tribe of Asher, which, however, was unable to conquer it at the beginning of the Israelite settlement (Judg. 1:31). This is apparently the same city of Asher which appears in the form me-Ḥevel (מֵחֵבֶל; "from Hebel"; Josh. 19:29). According to the Septuagint, this form is an error for Meheleb and it is mentioned as Maḥalliba in Sennacherib's account of his campaign in 701 b.c.e. between Zarephath (Zaribtu) and Ushu (mainland Tyre). Ahlab is identified with Khirbet el-Maḥalib, on the Lebanese coast, 3½ mi. (6 km.) north of Tyre and approximately 1 mi. (2 km.) south of the mouth of the Litani River.


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[Yohanan Aharoni]