Åhlström, Olof

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Åhlström, Olof

Åhlström, Olof, Swedish organist, music publisher, and composer; b. Åletorp, Aug. 14, 1756; d. Stockholm, Aug. 11, 1835. He studied organ in Åletorp and was a pupil of Zellbell at the Stockholm Academy of Music. He served as organist at Stockholm’s Marian church (1777–86) and Jacobskyrka (from 1786), and also held a royal privilege as a music publisher (1780–1824). Åhlstr¨m wrote an opera, Frigga (Stockholm, May 31, 1787), incidental music, chamber works, and 2 cantatas, but is best known for his more than 200 songs.


A. Afzelius, Tonsiaren O.Å .s minne (Stockholm, 1867).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire