Abeliovich, lev Moysseyevich

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ABELIOVICH, LEV MOYSSEYEVICH (1912–1985), Belorussian composer. Born in Vilna, Abeliovich studied at the Warsaw Conservatory with Kazimierz Sikorski (composition) in 1935–39, and when the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, he fled to Minsk and studied composition at the National Conservatory with Vasily Zolotarev, graduating in 1941. After World War ii, he devoted himself to composition and was later engaged in the study of Belorussian folk music. His compositions include four symphonies (1962, 1964, 1967, and 1970); Symphonic Pictures (1958); Heroic Poem (1957); three sonatas and the two-book cycle Frescoes (1972) for piano; three sonatas for violin and piano; and chamber music and songs.


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[Marina Rizarev (2nd ed.)]